When the world of flashing lights and vivid colors is surrounding us everywhere, there should be a subtle place of comfort and relaxation in the pleasant surrounding when you come home. Various shades of brown have always been predominant in the classical interiors, but hazelnut is making a comeback in the trends of 2019. It can set the right mood of a toned down room giving you a sense of warmth.

Hazelnut looks exceptional in bedrooms when it’s matched with bright white bed linen and brown parquet. This color is also universal in that surrounding no matter what the time of the day is. With curtains shut and a dim light of a nightstand lamp, the hazelnut-colored walls accompany the calm atmosphere of peacefulness. Quite on the contrary, the bright daylight will be emphasized on these walls, especially if they have a flat matte finish.

If you opt out to hazelnut in the living room, you also won’t be disappointed. It is a great soft background color, which will not be drawing all of the attention to itself, but rather highlighting other objects in the room. This is particularly important for smaller room sizes, which also tend to have a lack of natural daylight. No matter how gray it is outside, hazelnut-toned interior will always be a tone warmer. The spacious rooms will also benefit from it if you provide an appropriate contrast in some details – wall frames and paintings, tables and chairs or lamps. We recommend walnut or rosewood tones as our picks for the contrast.

Lastly, for those who like to have their bathroom in classical and neutral style, the warm hues of hazelnut colors will also be a great choice. It will make your bathroom look elegant, classy and there is no need to be worried that this style won’t be in trend next year.

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