Lilac Gray

Gray is known for its 50 shades, but when it comes to the choice of colors at home, the trend this year is with lilac gray. It brings calmness and relaxation, that is why it is so recommended for the interior design and wall colors. In the age of computer technology your eyes get tired so easily and when you come home you should feel like in a healing shelter. Lilac gray can also not be truly compared to other tones of gray as it is fresh, calm and even intimate. It will be a perfect choice for your bedroom as it will prepare your body for a good rest.
Another appealing factor is that lilac gray is gender neutral, which solves the problem of a more female or more male bedrooms. Choosing lilac gray means choosing the comfort zone for both partners, regardless of their other color preferences.

If you choose lilac gray for your living room, it can be quite a challenge to accompany it with furniture. However, if you succeed, this will be rewarding. The trick in this case is to find the right balance between the light and the contrast. The lilac gray will shimmer if you bring more daylight to it. With more than one window in your living room, this color will find its right place. As for the furniture, you should definitely stick to light colors, however make sure to add some vividness to it, otherwise the room will look too pale. Choose two colorful elements to stand out: it can be pillows on your sofa or a lamp on your coffee table. However, we suggest avoiding highly saturated colors as they will destroy calmness and subtleness of your room.

Lilac gray provides many great combinations in the interior, making your house feel like home.

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