Muted Pastel

Muted pastels – are elegant and luxury colors, the big trend in 2019. These shades really complement each other. Not boring, fresh and modern muted pastel colors can make the design of the flat more stylish and gorgeous.

Are you tired of white and black, beige and brown colors, which are worldwide popular? Make your flat fresh with new fabulous pastel colors that fit to almost all furniture. Muted shades look great as a background in a living room, kitchen and bedroom as well. The kitchen is the center of every flat: the day starts with a coffee and finishes with a deep night biting of the snack. We all are tired of similar kitchen designs. Forget about boring wallpapers, add luxury to your apartment by painting walls with muted pastel color.

We adore muted shades as they could be mixed with one another. Modern muted shades are an excellent choice for redecorating your room into on-trend color. Take a look at these two muted shades – dusky pink and soft turquoise. They look so gorgeous and expensive in every interior.

Muted pastel colors become trendy with the beginning of 2019. We believe that they can replace white and milky shades as they are considered to be new neutrals in decorating. That proves that muted color is one of the most remarkable trends of this year and there is also a background to think that it is a long-term trend.

Modern design is minimalistic and muted shades perfectly match it, making strong lines of furniture and futuristic design more soft and cozy. Additionally, muted shades are very easy to mix and create a new tone.

Thus, if you are looking for calmness and composure, the palette of muted pastel colors is the best choice.

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Sherwin Williams “Muted Pastel” colors and matching colors


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