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Crown Molding Trends

2019 Crown Molding TrendsWhat is Crown Molding? Molding is the general term for the use or presence of trim in any given space - ceiling, walls, doors or any cabinetry trimming. Molding is different from crown molding also known as cornice molding - as crown molding...

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2019 Color Trends(11) Mustard Yellow

Mustard YellowMustard yellow color is a mix between bright yellow and light brown. This color is very rich and it can differ from light to dark hues. This color will be very trendy and used in 2019, and it does not matter if it is used in living room, bathroom or your...

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2019 Color Trends(10) Muted Pastel

Muted PastelMuted pastels – are elegant and luxury colors, the big trend in 2019. These shades really complement each other. Not boring, fresh and modern muted pastel colors can make the design of the flat more stylish and gorgeous. Are you tired of white and black,...

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2019 Color Trends(9) Lilac Gray

Lilac GrayGray is known for its 50 shades, but when it comes to the choice of colors at home, the trend this year is with lilac gray. It brings calmness and relaxation, that is why it is so recommended for the interior design and wall colors. In the age of computer...

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2019 Color Trends(8) Hazelnut

HazelnutWhen the world of flashing lights and vivid colors is surrounding us everywhere, there should be a subtle place of comfort and relaxation in the pleasant surrounding when you come home. Various shades of brown have always been predominant in the classical...

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2019 Color Trends(7) Electric Citrus

electric citrusEvery year brings new trend colors to the interior design. It does not mean that we should repaint all walls with the trend shade, but we can add a splash of on-trend color to our design. For instance, this year came with a new trend interior paint...

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2019 Color Trends(6) Cavern Clay

CAVERN CLAYA warm terracotta color with ancient, elemental roots, Cavern Clay is the Color of the Year. Cavern Clay combines a midcentury modern style memory, and the soul of the American Southwest, into an artistic modern desert beauty. This warm, earthy tone is both...

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2019 Color Trends(5) Pale Pink

Pale Pink Some interior professionals say sand shade pink and pale pink will be popular in 2019. It can be mixed with an abundance of white or a lemon yellow for the ideal look. Pink is very impactful yet gentle in tone and it produces a sense of composure. When a...

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2019 Color Trends(4) Haze Blue

Haze or Misty Blue Tone downed blue with a softened mistiness and haze is a big trend in 2019. This blue makes moody atmostphere and calm grey undertone promotes a fresh energy in home. This pastel blue blends well with green, gray and haze lilac. Try to avoid blend...

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2019 Color Trends(3) Hunter Green

hunter green-timeless classicInspired by nature, HUNTER GREEN which is called ‘night watch’ -one of Pantone’s top 2019 paint colors works beautifully with natural elements and neutral tones. Hunter green had spotlight in the 90's and it's back with rich tone.  Hunter...

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2019 Color Trends(2) Coral

2019 Color of the year-"living coral (16-1546)"Pantone announced the color of the year 2019-"Living Coral". Its vibrant, yet mellow, warm, and joyful, "Coral" color can bring some positive energy and vive to your daily life. It can also be the cute accent for your...

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2019 Color Trends(1) Mushroom

Dream Painting works with mushroom and neutral colorsMushroom was a big hit since 2017 and it will continue to be a main shape in the home in 2019. This earthy color blends well with warm brown, gray, green and many neutral colors. And it creates woodland atmosphere...

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